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Hey guys! Its Hayley! Uhmm Im not good at this sort of thing but I guess ill tell you a little bit about me!
I'm 15
My birthday is april 13th
I want to travel the world
I like WWE wrestling
I like dolph, roman, dean, and finn.
I like video games
I like ice cream
I like cake
I like spongebob
I like cats
I like food, just all food basically
I like American Horror Story
Evan Peters is hot
Social media:
Twitter: @_MyAddictions_ (WARNING Most of my tweets if not all right now are about Wrestling and may contain swear words. tehe.)
I don't have a filter, if I think it I say it. I don't know if I am supposed to be sorry about that...but I'm not. ^.^
....That is all....

  • mywritingaddiction14
    New chapter to "The Midnight Watchers" will be up tomorrow, I had plans to have it up a while ago but life's been getting in the way lately. However I am currently unwell with a terrible ear infection so I will be spending plenty of time in bed which will (hopefully) result in more chapters!
    Love you guys!

  • mywritingaddiction14
    Hello! I just want to start off by saying I love your stories. (And by that I mean "I am on my 6th time reading 'Daddy wont know' and 'Daddy wont see'") Heh. But anyway, to get to the point of this I was wondering if you used a special program or app of some sort to make those amazing covers for your stories, or if you are just naturally gifted in making covers with the tools Movellas gives you as well as writing. (Because that Movellas cover creater thing is hard to manage) Haha, anyway that is all I really wanted to know. Thanks!
    Lots of love,
    Hey Jayla! I am writing a story with my boo and I was wondering if I could cash in on that cover? I don't know all of what you need to make the cover but anything you need im happy to give! Thanks so much!
    -Lots of love,
    Jayla Quaaid
    4 years ago
    Fill out this form below with the info for your story and you should have your cover in under a week :)

    Short Summary :
    Anything Else:
    Title: Never Happening
    Author: Mywritingaddiction14 and Thedoctor13
    Subtitle: "The Hardest Win"
    Genre: Romance
    Short Summary: Its senior year, across the country. New school, new rules. For me anyway, but if you are like Nick Anderson its more like same school no rules. He is the badest of the boys, the star of the football team and the most popular guy in school. Me? I don't fall for his bird brain charm or his striking good looks. Nope. Never happening.
    Ideas: I kind of wanted the background to be a football field if you could, Since there is so much wrapped around it.
    Mood: Nick gets are Scarletts nerves a lot, so maybe something that goes along with that but hints at romance since they will be together eventually
    Colours: You don't have to use all of these but I was thinking black, green, brown, and white. Green and brown again for the football then Black and white for if you would like to add colours so they will match the green and brown better.
    Pictures: I have one that I like for the football field so I will try and get the link, however this picture is very light and I would like it to have more of a sunset look.
    Anything Else: I don't think so!
    Thank you so so so much for doing this! I hope this isn't to much to do!
    -Lots of love,
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