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  • music has taken over me
    Love this story , i saw the title which made me think that this was a good story and i was right . Plz update .
    A Different Direction
    A Different Direct...
    Hadley and Harry have been dating for 3 years and sometimes their relationship gets really rough. Especially when Harry doesnt tell Hadley he is going on tour for 3 months, then expects her to go and bring...
  • music has taken over me
    ❤Zayn❤my❤hubby❤ which story do u want us to read?
    Breaking Apart (FAMOUS)
    Breaking Apart (FA...
    TT and Hayley are really good friends. Then they go out for Dance Team and go to state. They meet somebody and all they wanted was to have sometime with each other. But when ever these boys break them...
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    Please update this is soo good I need more.Do u mind reading my fanfic called"this was my summer love"?
    Wild Heart
    Wild Heart
    Sophie grew up without anyone to take care of her. Her parents died when she was little and her grandparents didn't even know that she existed. She grew up on her own, living on the streets, fending for...
    7 years ago
    I will soon. :) and of course I'll read it! Thanks for reading mine. xx
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    I think u should continue this for a bit longer .
    Pregnancy Love
    Pregnancy Love
    It all happened the night my parents kicked me out because of my apparent drinking and drug addiction, which for those of you who don’t know is no where near true, I did drink a little but who doesn't...
  • music has taken over me
    can i please have one : my name is hayley my hiar colour is brown with blonde highlights long and curly,i have blue eyes, i play basketball and i will want it to be with harry ?
    [1D Imagines] Quoniam Agnus - R-Rated
    [1D Imagines] Quon...
    Rogue: Yes, i've lost it. Just give me a pipe and call me Anomaly.
    Midnight Rogue
    7 years ago
    Done :D Your's is under 'Request 1'
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