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Reworking some loose wires after a long hiatus. Dedicating myself to working on my writing and hopefully sharing some breathtaking stories along the way.

Still a belieber <3

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by , Tuesday July 7, 2020

Guilty Pleasures (1) 

Last time, this series got slightly out of style. After taking some years to grow a little, I am hoping to completely retcon and begin anew. 

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    It has been a long three years. I am truly sorry about my absence, which none of you probably noticed anyway :P. If you are still out there, I have missed you dearly and oh have I missed writing. So I am coming back to hopefully grow my skills. My goal is to dig into deeper stories.

    At the moment, I plan to write fictions, which does not include FanFictions. Who knows what my future hold, but for now I am just a boy behind a monitor, desperate to find himself in his own writing.

    Join me on that journey - and if you would like to leave comments along the way, please do. \

    Critiques are my balance and what keeps my mind set.
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    I have a fanfic in the works that I'm sure would be different. I'm just polishing the plot and working on writing it. Meanwhile, I will also be updating Guilty Pleasures!
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    I actually thought it would be #2 considering there's only three numbers and it's in the middle.

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    Hey guys and gals,

    I'm working on some different and awesome surprises as of late whilst continuously updating Guilty Pleasures! One is a Collab and the other is a private work. Can't wait until the near future to start publishing!
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    I'm working on the next chapter!!! I would like to know if it's okay I don't get overly sexual? I don't want the book to be unpublished you know?

    Guilty Pleasures ( 1 )A sexy and compelling story, that's not just all about sex. Reading Guilty Pleasures, will have you feeling irresistible and... just a tad bit guilty....
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