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Someone people are just wow -_- I'm here to report anyone that's breaking rules.

I'm here to rant. If you're just gonna hate... get off my profile.


I'm just speaking for one side of the community. This is a general account not a one-person account. I'd like to address the problems of the community.

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    mumbled "School"

    Can someone tell me why school has to be so difficult?
    lolly sisters
    7 years ago
    Because the world decided "I'm going to make a place were kids get too much homework."
    6 years ago
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    school is to many hormones in on place... and in highschool guys are just walking penis's with hands and feet...
    Enby Angel
    6 years ago
    Because life isn't fair. That's just how the world wanted it. (*cries*)
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    mumbled "Oh my goodness..."

    So the last post was entitled Oh my gosh... and this is Oh my goodness...
    I'm an ambassador! Well to be more specific I'm a guide :)
    So to introduce myself...
    I'm Movellas Reporter but you can call me MR. I do have another account on Movellas but I don't use it as much anymore. This is a great tight knit community and we welcome any new movellians with open hands. If you have any questions you can ask me or ask any of the other ambassadors. We're all here to help! :)

    And on to my life...
    School has started. Seriously? I took Music this year and I can't read notes.... um can someone help, haha. I'm seriously going to fail school. We're getting text books for every single subject.
    Speak of the devil school, it's time to leave. Ughh.

    I'm going to update on both my accounts because I'll have my iPad at school and I can update during my break :)
    Movellas Reporter
    I might switch out of music but I don't know. I think I'm going to fail!! Team Ambassadors! WOO HOO! I might switch to Art where I can actually fit in... Haha. They have brass and they have jazz bands and what not.
    Movellas Reporter
    WOO HOO! I switched to art! We only have 3 people in the class, haha.
    7 years ago
    Hey do u think I can help co-author any of us movellas? that would be wonderful if I can! Btw: I'm a fan!
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    mumbled "Oh my gosh... "

    Summer has been so fun! I don't even know why I write these... Maybe just for myself... Probably... Okay so just an update...
    I'm currently been on vacation and I will be until a few days before school starts... I will be updating on all of my movellas as soon as I get back because I'm trying to have as much fun as I can before school starts and I'm soaking up the sun here!
    As for the fans... I used to "fan" y'all back but I haven't gotten the chance. When I get back and I have unlimited wifi... I will "fan" all you you back :)

    Thanks for staying and agreeing. TTYL. :)
    Movellas Reporter
    E.H.: Thanks!
    Sakura: Thanks. That'll be amazing.
    Movellas Reporter
    Thanks again haha
  • Movellas Reporter
    You truly will be missed. It's so sad to see you going. I wished we got to know each other a bit more! From our conversations you seem to be amazing! Any way we could contact? Facebook?

    Seriously sad to see an amazing writer leave. I have been in love with your writing for a really long time (on my real account.) I really hope you continue to write and pursue all your dreams.

    Wish you the best! - MR
    Written In The Light Of A Fallen Star
    Written In The Lig...
    I'm leaving. You win.
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