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I am a unique individual, some might say weird even. I just like standing out and being unusual. I am a reader and writer; a beater and biter of words. They are my passions - reading takes you to new worlds, lets you meet new people, etc; writing helps you to create these new things! Getting lost in a fictional world is an amazing feeling!
I am also a passionate and, some may say, obsessive fangirl:
- ACD Sherlock Holmes and BBC Sherlock
- Doctor Who and Chameleon Circuit
- Merlin
- Starkid
- Harry Potter
- The Phantom of the Opera/Love Never Dies
- Wicked
- Teen Wolf
- and many more!

  • Megites Nightshade

    mumbled "I'm alive!"


    I realise I have been absent from this site for ages, and I apologise. I haven't been writing a lot/at all due to life complications and uni work, but a couple of competitions caught my eye, and I'm back :) don't know for how long though.
    Anyway, I bashed out some emotional crap for the Black Friday competition this afternoon, instead of revising. Felt good to be writing again :)
    Why So Sad?The inner monologue of a struggling young woman, trying to come to terms with the finality of death. Bashed out rather quickly, not edited, emotionally...

    It wouldn't let me upload the cover I made so here it is.
  • Megites Nightshade

    mumbled "Feedback?"

    Does anyone want to get outside feedback on their work? I'm doing a critiquing workshop and I need some more writing for people to look at. About an A4 page, on anything, any genre, any style. Then I'll upload the comments on here. Anyone?
    Jem Wakefield
    2 years ago
    Is swearing and violence okay or not? If so, I'd love feedback on any bit of my book "Bloodsuckers"- perhaps the epilogue? Don't worry if not :)
    Alviss Brown
    2 years ago
    Same as BadassJem, if some more explicit content is alright feedback on 'The Poison Garden' would be awesome! (It's not finished, though... no where near... So...)
    2 years ago
    if you're open to critiquing poems I would absolutely love feedback on "The Red Scarf" :)
  • Megites Nightshade

    mumbled "Writing Ambassador!"

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    Hello peeps! I have been a ghost on here for far too long. I am here to say I'm crawling my way out of the woodwork, dusty and cobwebby, but alive. I will be writing more, fulfilling my role as ambassador, and showing my face in the beautiful world of Movellas :)
    On another note, I am planning a critiquing workshop for the Creative Writing Society at university, of which I am on the committee for. I was wondering if any of you lovely, creative people had any tips for the right way to go about giving constructive criticism or anything else helpful.
    Your humble servant, Megites
  • Megites Nightshade

    mumbled "Comic Con"

    I'm planning to go to Newcastle Comic Con in October, with a couple of friends. It'll be my first con, and I am unsure who to cosplay as. I'm thinking LotR (hobbit), Avatar: the last Airbender, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Phantom of the Opera, The Tribe...etc etc...characters from the above. Atm, trying general steampunk but would prefer to be an actual character. Was wondering if my fellow nerds on here could help a first time cosplayer out :)
    2 years ago
    I'm excited for my first con, I just got a job and can't wait to have enough money. There's a big one in San Diego every year and I'm going to go see a few people whom I love so much. I'm excited I would go to Newcastle as a Doctor Who character cause you can totes pull off that steampunk look.
  • Megites Nightshade

    mumbled "Hobbit writing"

    Just me practising my Hobbit handwriting! I love my fountain pen! I did try it with my dip-ink quill pen, but it smudged. Yeah, LotR obsessed right now. Watching the film appendices, about the making of the films, again, and it is so amazing; the amount of detail and time that went into the three films.