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I am a unique individual, some might say weird even. I just like standing out and being unusual. I am a reader and writer; a beater and biter of words. They are my passions - reading takes you to new worlds, lets you meet new people, etc; writing helps you to create these new things! Getting lost in a fictional world is an amazing feeling!
I am also a passionate and, some may say, obsessive fangirl:
- ACD Sherlock Holmes and BBC Sherlock
- Doctor Who and Chameleon Circuit
- Merlin
- Starkid
- Harry Potter
- The Phantom of the Opera/Love Never Dies
- Wicked
- Teen Wolf
- and many more!

  • Megites Nightshade
    Hi, just wondering when the results from this and the other competitions from this year would be posted, as it's been quite a while since the end of the competition. Thanks
  • Megites Nightshade
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    I really enjoyed this story :) your writing is really good, descriptive without giving too much away, engaging. I particularly like the opposite-chronological order, it gives that sense of mystery and horror. The actual story is interesting as well, how and why the murder happened - I like how she smiles at the end, a chilling insight into her thoughts. Well done, and good luck in the competition!
    Two Can Keep a Secret
    Two Can Keep a Sec...
    Jessica doesn't remember a thing, which is why she's particularly confused about the corpse in the back seat of her car. It happens in reverse. For The Murder In Our Summer competition.
  • Megites Nightshade
    Love this. I loved watching Hannibal, love Will and Hannibal's relationship, their interactions, and I think you did that justice �� dead together is how they will always inevitable end. Who's the killer though? Do love a good bit of mystery. ��
    Hannibal never expected Will Graham's death to surprise him.
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    mumbled "I'm alive!"


    I realise I have been absent from this site for ages, and I apologise. I haven't been writing a lot/at all due to life complications and uni work, but a couple of competitions caught my eye, and I'm back :) don't know for how long though.
    Anyway, I bashed out some emotional crap for the Black Friday competition this afternoon, instead of revising. Felt good to be writing again :)
    Why So Sad?The inner monologue of a struggling young woman, trying to come to terms with the finality of death. Bashed out rather quickly, not edited, emotionally...

    It wouldn't let me upload the cover I made so here it is.
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    mumbled "Feedback?"

    Does anyone want to get outside feedback on their work? I'm doing a critiquing workshop and I need some more writing for people to look at. About an A4 page, on anything, any genre, any style. Then I'll upload the comments on here. Anyone?
    Alviss Brown
    3 years ago
    Same as BadassJem, if some more explicit content is alright feedback on 'The Poison Garden' would be awesome! (It's not finished, though... no where near... So...)
    3 years ago
    if you're open to critiquing poems I would absolutely love feedback on "The Red Scarf" :)
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