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Just another depressed and stressed out teenager, searching for that one person to save me, in another nation.

Music, books, cuddles.

I hope that you're one day going to be as happy as you're pretending.

Peace, Love & Harmony

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    @[Mickayla_Anderson] Thank you love, I'm not really sure if I'll make a story out of it, It had not really crossed my mind but it might just be a good idea. I appreciate your comment.
    If I decide to make a story out of it I'll let you know.
    Lots of love x
    First Kiss
    First Kiss
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    mumbled "New poem"

    Hi lovelies!
    I just posted a new poem sat under the 'story' 'First Kiss'
    Naturally I already love you guys, but if you' check it out and leave feedback it would be amazing!
    Please notice and remember that the stuff I post is 100 percent my own unless stated, please do not copy and if wished to put out other places ask me first and credit me.
    The things I post are often very personal and have a lot of meaning to me therefor it would be hurtful to see others trying to take credit for it.
    Thank you.
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    mumbled "It's been ages!"

    Hi' again.
    I almost forgot about this site... And the 67 emails i received.
    I like the new design and all...
    I don't really know, guess I'm gonna update or post something new or you know, stuff like that to get into the game again.
    okay.. bye...

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    You my friend, you have an awesome music taste....

    It's... *whispers into the wind* flawless
    ☮ GOOD VIBES ☮
    ☮ GOOD VIBES ☮
    Just some of my favorite artists and bands that i think are worth checking out.
    6 years ago
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    Why thank you :D

    As flawless as my own being. *flips hair*
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