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Hey umm... I'm a directioner (obviously) and I'm also a big fan of food. Haha. I like reading fan fictions and also really enjoy writing them for people who enjoy reading them. :) So if you want to read my stories and when you guys like, favorite, and comment, it motivates me to write more. So thanks for taking your time to read this if you did. It was probably really boring but yea. Love all of you!! Please No hate about my stories. But I do like when you guys tell me how to improve the stories. I mean you guys read it so tell me what you like in a story, and I'll find some way to make your ideas fit into the stoy! <3 Thanks!

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Lots of love Mariah xoxo
This account won't be used as much anymore. I have a new account ( WatchMeDoItSolo ) Check it. It's mainly dedicated to quotes and relationship, depression, and stuff instead of fan-fiction which it says in the bio. So check it out, I'll be using that account mostly instead of this one. (:

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    Update ! I love it ! Haha even tho I just found it ... <3
    My Love
    My Love
    One Direction: The World's most famous boyband. Girls worldwide love them - some may even be in love with them. Louis Tomlinson had already broken many girls hearts, simply by dating his beautiful...
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    This is perfectt !! <3 You're amazing !! Keep up the amazing writing !! <3
    drugs and one direction
    drugs and one dire...
    a girl named Samatha Tomlison is an orphan, she got sepreated by her brothers after her parents died. So she started taking drugs and became an addict. She was an addict to everything now. She discovered...
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    thank you! :) ily!
    7 years ago
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    You're welcome !! <3
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    Oh my gosh ! This is fabulous ! I love it ! Update when you can ! <3
    It's Where My Demons Hide (Harry Styles Fanfic)
    It's Where My Demo...
    "I have my demons. We all do. They'll come out sooner or later and now you've seen mine...so if you're gonna go, go!" Harry said in a bitter tone as he sat on the couch with his head in his hands. Did...
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    Please update ! This is amazing ! Like you ! <3 I honestly love this ! It's so cute and has lots of drama ! Update soon !
    Finding Me.
    Finding Me.
    "Find the real you than." He looked at me intensely. "It's not that easy." "You make it seem hard when in reality it isn't." "Have you found yourself, Mr. Know-it-all?" I shoved him, hard. "Yes I have,...
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    Ok :) What a coincidence I'm grounded to ! But I kinda still have my moms computer cos she forgot I had it before she grounded me ! xD And I can't wait for the next update ! <3 :)
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    Update please ! It's amazing ! <3
    Dirty Little Secret... Let out. ~SEQUEL TO DIRTY LITTLE SECRET~
    Dirty Little Secre...
    MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FIRST BOOK 'DIRTY LITTLE SECERT' One year ago Delilah McCallister Hated Harry Styles but after a recent chain of events and the two see eachother again secrets where let out people...
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