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I am the girl who's lost in her thoughts, words creating stories, stories creating characters. Although this is a cool superpower, my mind drifts off into other worlds, so sorry if I don't finish off stories.
Another thing that I hope you guys will understand; I'm eighteen and I'm looking how to improve my writing technique. I don't want you to just like my story because you want a like back, or follow me in hopes of getting a follow back. If my story interests you, please read it. I don't want you to be like 'oh, you should have him/her do this and this.' If I need help on what should happen next, I'll ask for it. Thank you.
And BTWs I am a Mexican book lover who just wants to make a career in writing. I also want to learn a different language, and so on and so forth.
Life would be so much better if I was happy. :(

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    mumbled "I have a problem..."

    Recently I was chilling at home when I recorded the movie four brothers. And I've seen it possibly thirty to fifty times. Ya'll should know that just possibly this movie inspired me to write The four of us. Oh and go watch four brothers. Just watch it. Grab some tissues while you're at it.
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