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I love Harry Potter. I'm the ultimate Potterhead, which means I'm obsessed. I'm a proud Hufflepuff, through and through, until the very end. I am Ginevra Weasley's twin.

If you want to follow my Instagram, just message me through Movellas what your instagram is, so I know who you are! My parents make me keep my instagram on private. :/

Hello peoples of Movellas!

by , Tuesday July 18, 2017

Hey guys, I'm back!

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  • Emma Weaslette
    @Prodigy I've posted this before, but I have no idea how this works so I don't know if you could see it... You let me have access to your series that started with As It Began, and I was just thinking... I noticed that you have As It Began chapter one up on Wattpad, and I was wondering if you would let me post that series on my account there? I'd give you full credit and rights and everything, all the disclaimers. I think that more people should be able to read your awesome books. :)
    3 years ago
    Hey Brooke, sorry I was traveling and didn't get a chance to respond to your message. Thanks for thinking of it, but I think it might be better if we don't post those books anywhere else. I'm not super proud of my writing at that stage, and - especially since I've stopped writing fanfiction and don't plan to finish the series - it seems foolish to try and gather more readers. I've left it up here because it already had followers, but I'm not sure about introducing it to new sites. But thank you!
    Emma Weaslette
    3 years ago
    Okay. :) Thanks anyway!

  • Emma Weaslette
    Hey, Prodigy, it's Brooke Weasley again. I don't know if you remember, but I'm the girl that you let have access to the drafts of the series that began with As It Began. Anyway, I was just on Wattpad, and I noticed that you have the first one or two chapters of As It Began posted there... but nothing past that. I was wondering... if I gave you all the credit, proper disclaimers and everything, could I post them on Wattpad? I think that more people deserve to read your amazing stories. :)

  • Emma Weaslette

    mumbled "Hey, everyone!"

    Hello, everyone! I'm just here to tell you that by tomorrow, my account will be deleted. But just so you know, @[Hazel Taylor] is going to be the new author of my stories! So if you guys want to see where these stories are going, I recommend checking her account out. Goodbye, my little wiggleworms, I'll miss you!
    3 years ago
    Don't leave!
    3 years ago
    Oh no stay
    3 years ago
  • Emma Weaslette

    mumbled "Hey again, guys. "

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    I am officially leaving Movellas. If you want to continue reading my stories, I am on Penana, as Emma Weasley. I'm sorry about this, but... I will not be coming back. In a little bit, I will be removing my account.
    4 years ago
    Greek Gale
    3 years ago
    Why are you're parents making you leave?
    Greek & Leah!!! :( :( :(
    Emma Weaslette
    3 years ago
    Because there were some really bad things on here. The one story my parents used to tell me why I had to leave was deliberately designed to look like a book for children. But once you opened it, it was, to use my parents's words, "horrible, disgusting, give you nightmares evil." So they decided this was not a safe website for me to be on.
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