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Call me Nicko, alright? Anime, music & books are my life.

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    'Life or Death?' READ PLEASE :3

    8 years agoReply
    Life or Death? (cover competition) Lily is trapped but soon she opens the door to light. (Note: The girl in the cover is actually me, I do Photography and saw the competition so I decide...

    Please read my Movella, like, fave, become a fan? COMMENT :3 I LOVE COMMENTS. please?
    8 years ago
    (I'm on my other account, I use the account I'm on now to write full stories instead of leaving one with no ending xD ) i'll check out now
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    BFF (Best Famous Friend)
    BFF (Best Famous...
    Alex and Josh have been friends for as long as they can remember. Ever since they became neighbors, they've done everything together. Josh has always dreamed of becoming an actor, and he finally got the...
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    8 years agoReply
    So I'm up to 'If I kept it'..so far so good, You have described a lot of things and wanting to let me read more. I can't wait to continue the story, so different and i guess, frightening but in a good way. Thanks. Please read my story 'The Rag Doll'
    I love you, baby. (JESSIE J)
    I love you, baby....
    What would you do if you were raped and became pregnant, would you keep it?
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    Liked&Faved, I love this poem because it's fantastically written and has a great ending!
    please read my poem 'Outside'
    The Dress
    The Dress
    Many girls dream about their Prom, and the perfect dress. But how hard is into find the perfect one? For the conteset - comment, like and fave please!
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    Hi Guys *waves*

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    So I joined this group so I can finally read some Movellas which don't involve 1D!

    So please could you read this movella;
    The Rag DollChildren are full of imagination and wishes, so when one girl's wish becomes a reality she's in shock. But when she dies suddenly in her 20's, suspicion...

    I can't add it to the club because I'm a co-author of it but
    Me&xxxMaryEllenxxx Started the story together and are quite proud of it:D

    Soooo please read, comment,like and maybe fave?
    Underscore, Underscore
    Same! I'm sick of being half way through a decent Movella and seeing Harry Styles fall in love with an average fan!
    Sure, I'll read it and comment now, could you read my first Movella 'Disappearances from Penlake Mansion'? There are 2 chapters so far and more to come. Let me know what you think.
    8 years ago
    Good U like it ! :D
    Fan of 1D, but it's really hard to find a Movella with out them, and really want to read a Movella without. (:
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