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Hi guys,
I don't think it's important to tell you stuff about me.
So here are my stories

  • Madeleine Harris
    It's such an amazing story ,really.Update soon
    Babygirl (16+)
    Babygirl (16+)
    "Babygirl?" I looked up at Harry through my eyelashes, "Come here" I made my way over to him and sat down on his lap, where he made me. "You've bin a good girl" He wrapped his arms around me, "T-thank...
  • Madeleine Harris
    This story is definitely amazing.By the way,update soon :)
    Miray is a lonely girl who gets bullied everytime.And Her main bully is Zayn Malik.She has no family or any siblings and her aunts just hates her.She was going bad until a new boy came to school.She also...
  • Madeleine Harris

    mumbled "New Books"

    Hey guys.
    Lets get to the point.The actual reason I'm not updating is that I am working on other stories right now.
    I have two stories in drafts right now.So as you can see it gets really hard to update
    Sorry for the wait guys.i hope you all bear with me.
    6 years ago
    Can I co-author one of your movellas?
    Madeleine Harris
    6 years ago
    Actually ,I might need a co author real soon.When the time comes,I will consult with you.But not now.Sorry :)
  • Madeleine Harris
    This is so good ,you should continue for sure
    When Harry gets accepted into AAMC (Australia's Arts & Music College), it's up to him to follow his heart or his dreams. Will he stay living in California with the girl he's been in love with since high...
    6 years ago
    thank you x I will (:
  • Madeleine Harris
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    You are most defiantly a really talented writer.All of you stories have triggered a feeling in me .I think you are doing an amazing job in giving lessons in your stories.Cant wait to see what happens next for you and mainly this story as well:)
    Crazy, Sometimes
    Crazy, Sometimes
    Nora is a troubled teenager, fresh from a spell at her local mental institution. After surviving a suicide attempt, she tries to reconnect with her old life and learn how to live again. Confronted with...
    Stephanie Williams
    Thankyou so much that is such a kind thing to say! I am so glad you connect with the stories and I really hope that this one can make things better for a lot of people!!! Thankyou again it's really appreciated, as this one means a lot to me! xxx
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