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Little bit about me that I have are some good, but most of my life was and still is horrible. I have PTSD, Depression, Eating disorder, Anxiety Disorder, and Panic disorder. It is the worst things that happened to my life.
I was trying to do my best to get myself better, but it hard when i became Antisocial and alone without my lover. Been Bullied for years, and after that I become a loner before I started to date to my lover.
I hate being betrayed, lied to, been bullied, and the worst thing is that I been stalked on the internet to know where I lived at, but that is a long story to tell.

Favorite Movie: Halloween (All of them by Michael Myers)
Favorite TV Show: Manifest, Taken, NCIS, Bull, and Caste
Favorite things that I Write: Romance, Horror, Poetry, Non-Fiction.
Favorite Music: Bad Wolves, Five Finger Death Punch, Fall out Boy
Favorite types of Music: Rock, Metal, Nightcore, Pop.


#ANTI-SOCIAL #Anime4Lyfe #AgainstBullies

'People with antisocial personality disorders aren't automatically bad, they simply approach the world with a more ruthless set of lenses. The lack of empathy or very weak empathy and the ability to read other people's weak spots can be a flammable combination when you get in the way of something they want. But they aren't a different species. They're a part of our spectrum.'

~Eden Robinson

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