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Before we start, if you ever need to talk, my office door is always open. I don't even have an office.
I am part of the awesome Appleshine family (I'm the mum!)

Hi, call me Loony, coz I am, loony! I'm a Potterhead, a whovian, a Tribute, a music lover and a bit of a bookworm!

My Movellas -
Capitol Diaries - Hunger Games fanfic
Dumbledore's Apprentice 1 - HP fanfic
What Really Happened - HP fanfic
Skating on Thin Ice - Realism
The Dream Factory - Fantasy
My Favourite Quotes - A collection of cool quotes
Cool Harry Potter Parodies - A collection of Harry Potter parodies.
Seriously Scary Stories - A collection of my fave ghost stories.
Christmas Cheer - Christmas Fantasy Story
The Cheer Up Book - Non Fiction
Coauthored Movellas:
The Hunger Names - HG fanfic (Mirlotta, Decaying Barbie Doll and Megites)
Apparently Bow Ties Aren't Cool - DW fanfic (PJManga101)
The Thirteenth Doctor - DW fanfic (HearMeRoarKaty)
Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake - Funny HP fanfic
(Mirlotta and NightStar13)
The Amulets of Zordian - Supernatural/Fantasy (Hermione Horse Lover)
Snowieee!!!! - HG fanfic (THE Rowena Ravenclaw and Mirlotta)

Me and my 'level headed' older movellas sister, THE Rowena Ravenclaw, are gonna take over the world doing things like; organise a muffin revolution, give llamas the right to vote, wage war on Apple, purely based on predictive text GRRR and the fact that it just deleted a chapter I spent 2 hours on, and bring Dumbledore back from the grave. Yeah.

Movellas Family:
Children - HearMeRoarKaty, ReadxWrite, Prez, iHarold, zombieboy, GirlOfManyFandoms, iamdreamer & Ink
Husband/Wife - Hellooooooooo!!!!
Sister - THE Rowena Ravenclaw
Llama Twin - Llama
Real life Bestie - Hermione Horse Lover

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***The TEA badge***

TEA, Tea Enterprise & Administration, founded by Enya Sanders and Uncle Mitchy Kay on September 8, 2013. We are a secret society aimed at developing the best tea no matter where you are! Contact one of us today to see if you are eligible to become a new member!

Serving tea to a fascinating stranger truly is... one of life's true delights."

If you've read all this, then shame on you for wanting to know about my boring life, but thanks all the same!

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    Oh. It's over??!!! NNNOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS LIKE THE BEST BOOK I'VE EVER READ! I need to go cry.....
    Dwelling on Dreams
    Dwelling on Dreams
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  • LunallamabrianAppleshine☕
    Everything Harry Potter
    Everything Harry...
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