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I'm Cameron, i love youtube, 5sos, teen wolf and many more. Luke hemmings is bae as you can see from my name, but anyways you should read my story! and also i like writing books! if y'all have Wattpad you should check out my page, and follow me @KameronDanielle please!!

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    mumbled "Adding another new Character.."

    hey guys, i need one more character so whoever can comment down first, with somethings about the character ill add them. Thanks.!
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    finally updated! anyways how many of y'all are still active? i know i havent been and im sorry I've had school and shit. but comment if you like this chapter, its short and horrible i know dont worry, just be honest. (;
    Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}
    Out of my Limit...
    "Whoa, this isn't your apartment!" "Shush I'm hiding from some people" "Why in my apartment?" "They know where i live, aka next door" Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own...
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    mumbled "back!!!!!"

    hey guysssss im backkk but itll be hard with highschool but ill try my best to post chapters... im thinking about doing 20 or 22 chapters... does anyone know Miniminter? please get back to me soon! the first Seven people will have a role in the min minter book... thanks
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    I do! ��
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    mumbled "Sorry"

    So guys I've been grounded, and i finally got to use my sisters phone so i can tell you this. my parents grounded me because of my laptop. but ill be on soon i promise. stay with me!!
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