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~Tell me what you know about dreaming~

•All Time Low
•5 Seconds of Summer
•Tove Lo
•My Chemical Romance
•Panic! At the Disco
•Taylor Swift

{Michael Clifford and Calum Hood are my lovers}

  • •Mrs. Hood•
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    You. Are. Amazing. You are someone that many people should look up to because you aren't afraid of being yourself.

    Btw, I looove your voice and your accent! I'm from America so I love any accent!! Hope proms fun, but I don't have any ideas for that… I'm not too creative lol but you are amazing no matter what people say :)
    Life as a bigender kid in videos
    Life as a bigender...
    I'm attempting to build my confidence through doing this - I hope you find it interesting
    May Hayashi
    5 years ago
    Thank you so much :')
    •Mrs. Hood•
    5 years ago
    No problem :)
  • •Mrs. Hood•
    This is one of my favorites, it's so deep and stuff I love it! Great job! :*
    Demons *on hold*
    Demons *on hold*
    He left a girl that he knew was broken but was strong, and when he came back. It was like looking at the same girl but speaking to a different one, a horrible one... it wasn't even a someone. It was more...
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