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I love reading, writing, cats and 5SOS! :3

  • LukeismyLove
    Please update soon! :)
    A Life of Problems [5SOS Fanfiction]
    A Life of Problems...
    Valerie Smith feels that the world has abandoned her. With her life a mess, she's pretty much given up. But what happens when four guys walk into her life. Will Valerie's life ever change for the better. *Warning:...
    Faerie Lei
    4 years ago
    Thanks, I'll update as soon as possible
  • LukeismyLove
    The saddest part is that the Leave campaign kept on promising things that couldn't be given. They told lies and when the vote came through, people only then thought to do research on what they were voting on. Although it wasn't all of the elderly people, a large percentage of leave voters were old and they won't have to live with the results. The youth will have to fix what they can.
    Sorry this was long.
    A Letter to the Average Leave Voter
    A Letter to the...
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