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Hi, I'm Loren Nice to meet you.
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Follow me on Fallen_Skie my new account on movellas.

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    Follow Fallen_Skie my new acc those who are following me it would be great and talk with you guys on my new acc. Sadly no one wants to speak to my on @[Fallen_Skie]
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    Oh so I was talking to you the other day... That's cool
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    eu quero!
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    It's hard to concentrate on your dream job if you got people who just want to seperate you from your family, you got friends who tell you lies that ain't true, and you yourself who believes them and let's yourself get manipulated that way. I think if you truely want something you have to talk it out with your family tell them how you really feel cause if you keep hating, having to be jealous, making yourself live a lie as in illusion your just making everything harder on yourself you know? If you refuse to take advice it's something you choose but that single advice nobody else is gonna gve you the advice your father gave him. When your father dies he'll look back and say "I should've listen..and taken his advice." and sooner or later he's gonna regret not taking it. About your mother I think she does truly love him but if he doesn't see that and people making him blind to see that than he a big jerk who let's him self let others do that to him. BUT this is my opinion so I hope when you read this or him take it as an offense cause i am just speaking the truth.
    The Life of A Successor
    The Life of A Succ...
    He was an ordinary child like any other child would be. He was small child with big dreams. This is a story about me how he made it through a rough time and still made it to his dream job.
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