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This is my side of my Youtube Channel, Enderpearl Studios. I am currently making a trailer For Rise of Monsters, a 3 series Minecraft animation, with 3 bad guys. If anyone is willing to join me making my series, then say so in Mine Imator (if you do minecraft animations). then place (if you have a Minecraft Oc) the link of your Oc into the eteam requests under Minecraft:Rise of Monsters recruitment, and i will add your youtube channel to my own

My life as a 12 year old

by , Thursday June 8, 2017
  My life as a 12 year old

my life as a 12 year old watching videos at night.

Dear People who are reading this

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    mumbled "My first videos"

    sorry, i haven't been on here for a while, but i completed my first 2 videos on Youtube. it's not reaction videos, but they're really good. my name is Funtime Roxy and Co. but the picture is Golden Mangle. ive tried to change it, but i never got there
    9 months ago
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    does anyone like it?
    homeschool created poems
    homeschool created...
    these poems are created when doing english in homeschooling. created by the top of my head on topics, these poems are not much, but enjoy them as much as you can
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    mumbled "Easter Eggs in new trailer"

    hey people we need more people to join Avengers Spider man's group to talk on the new trailer. any marvel fans are welcome to join. if anyone interested for exclusive Easter eggs, join the group, i am not giving it away this time��. Avenger Spider man will give you more on that
    2 years ago
    i found it. thanks
    r u sure because there are still 2 members on it
    2 years ago
    how do you become a member
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