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Boybands, what more can I say?∞The only thing I am guilty of is being hungry

Tis be Christy!!! :) A 17 year old girl waiting to turn into the beautiful swan her momma always told her about.

Things I like and/or love: Fuzzy Socks∞Ed Sheeran∞Boy/Man Bands∞Cappuccinos∞Music∞Internet∞Viners
Things I Don't Like: Most Humans∞Being Social

So I have this glass swan and I was just looking at it and I was spinning it and my hand wraps around the lower part of the neck where the wings kind of attach and I noticed how one wing is closer to the neck than the other. You know how swans are supposed to be elegant and beautiful. Well a thought occurred to me that even the most beautiful things can be imperfect.
My Fandom Name: My fans are Rejects
✌Reject Rebellion™✌

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    mumbled "OMG I AM SO SORRY!!!"

    You thought I forgot about you all, didn't you? Well I did, for just a little... BUT I AM BACK WITH IDEAS!!! I have ideas for MMB2!!!!! O.O!!! I also will be frequently updating Monster!!!! STAY TUNED AND TELL YO FRIENDS I AM BACCCK!!
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    mumbled "Maybe Read? If you even see this..."

    Oh my goodness! 412 fans! I know it doesn't seem like much to some but this is pretty great, I am so happy! I am getting closer to 450 everyday and I just want to thank my fans, they are amazing! I lerv you! Not very many people are noticing Monster, I was afraid that when MMB was over, no one would pay much attention to any of my other stories and that is kind of what is happening, can you help me out? I seem like a jerk to shout it out, I know but please? I lerv you and until next time! -Cxx
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    mumbled "I Hate My Life"

    So over the weekend, my brother's friend came over and he wanted our wifi password which we were happy to give him but he went back there himself and started messing with wires and shit until he fucked something up and now basically, I have no internet, none at all and so I can't update for awhile but I will try my best to get it working again... So until next time -Cxx
    4 years ago
    It is fixed now though :) thankfully, I still don't know what was wrong though!
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    mumbled "Possible Sequel to MMB and Monster"

    Hello, to those of you who are still on here and might get interested, please read this! So, people have asked me to write a sequel to My Mother's Boyfriend which I am thinking about but I don't know where to take it, I might get this spontaneous idea out of nowhere and actually make it but I don't know, I mean MMB was a spontaneous idea and look what it got me! But, I just want you all to know that I AM thinking about it and hopefully I can come up with something to see through to it because I know how much you all enjoyed the first one! Also, I am not making another story until I get Monster up and going and I have recently been updating Lost&Found so yeah! Anyways, I hoping to give a little shout out to Monster since it IS new and I just want to see what you guys think! So check that out if you would please and until next time! Lerv you all! -Cxx
    5 years ago
    And I have some stories you maybe interested in checking out but that's up to you
    I will check them out :D -Cxx
    martin garix
    2 years ago
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    mumbled "Hello, New Story"

    So, I decided I wanted to write a new story, it's called Monster and it is a Harry Styles story, I hope you guys stop and take it a look at it, it would mean a lot to me. I did finish My Mother's Boyfriend so I decided I would make a new story, so yeah, I love you all - Christyxx
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