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i am a young kickboxer...dont mess with me.
Your beautiful just the way you are!!!!
Dont change the way you are just cause everyone else is the same, Being different is a GOOD thing...embrace your uniqueness
Be daring. Be crazy. Be yourself please!!!!!!!!!!

Rest in peace Grandmother Lita Redhorn!!!!!
Dani and Lizzy - Dancing in the Sky


by , Tuesday January 9, 2018

Keep fighting the good fight.

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    mumbled "the way I feel right now"

    2 years ago
    awww are you okie? wats wrong???? :( :( :( :( :(
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    @[5sauceHEMMO1996] NO I'm not okay! The love of my freaking life is right next to me. and he's mad because i had to break up with him because of my freaking life. He just walked out of the classroom and I just heard a huge thump....i just hope he didn't punch something again.
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    mumbled "Tears in my eyes"

    Tears come down my eyes
    for so much reasons.
    maybe cause I miss you
    I may never know
    maybe cause I feel alone
    so much reasons why I cry
    I miss you so much right now
    I may never know though
    Tears come down my eyes
    for so much reasons
    all I know is it hurts so much
    my heart is so dark and empty
    I may never know the reason
    all I know is I miss you
    but I also feel alone
    it's so hard to think of
    Tears come down my eyes
    for so much reasons
    I may never know why though
    my head is hurting from crying
    my heart is dark and empty
    that maybe why i'm crying
    I'll never know if it is
    but i'm sure that's why
    I sit here and cry
    and cause I miss you so much
    this is all I got to say now
    bye for now my friend this is it
    I hope you understand
    cause I sure don't.
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