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Fiction writer.
I mostly write crime/mystery themed stories with the occasional make believe aspect. I try (and hope) to make my characters interesting but believeable.
(I also love to make book covers.)
(And I seem to use too much parenthesis.)
Finished Movellas include:
Claw Marks and Corridors (in it's very rough 1st draft stage)
Lie Like a Magpie (also a first draft, but minorly edited)
My 'to be read' pile will always be huge and my bookshelves full. I believe you can never have too many books.

I am also currently doing a degree but writing has always been one of my favourite things in the world. Since the age of about 11 I have wanted to publish a book.

My favourite books are any by Terri Terry (especially the Slated Trilogy and Mind Games) and of course Harry Potter! I may have read them over 10 times each...

I have kind of always sucked at writing bios so I hope this is satisfactory.

  • Lily Anna

    mumbled "Progress "

    2 hours agoReply
    Tonight I completed a second draft rewrite of my book Claw Marks and Corridors. I feel sorry for everyone who read the first version because some of that was really poorly written. I hope the second draft is a lot better!

    Not yet sure whether I will upload the new copy here or not as I do intend to possibly/eventually start working on sending this to a publisher. However I would really love some possible beta readers/anyone willing to give it a read or provide some constructive criticism at some point if I was to send the draft to you. (I still need to give it another check for small things like typos and stuff.)

    Anyway, as a track of progress, I feel a mumble was necessary. The second draft is 91,313 words so slightly less than my first draft but maybe slightly still too long. Still going to work on it and keep editing till I feel like it’s perfect enough to send off. :)

    Hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoy your week!
  • Lily Anna
    3 days agoReply
    Thanks for the follow! :) Sorry I didn't follow back sooner. My followers box is plagued with spam accounts so it's hard to find the genuine people in between.
  • Lily Anna

    mumbled "This has to stop"

    3 days agoReply

    I think taking over the user blog page is enough. The spam accounts starting to comment on peoples stories is just ridiculous!
    There I was thinking someone had actually written me a comment, and I find this instead. One, it's not a post love, it's a story with chapters and not information so therefore it just doesn't make your comment believable. And two I am NOT interested in whatever happywheels8 is so please find someone else who is. I don't think anyone actually cares about anything spam bots post, we just want you to go away!
    Thank you. Goodbye.

    Sorry for the rant. Usually I wouldn't let one comment bother me but just over time seeing spam accounts plague the site is frustrating. I am just fed up of this.
    9 hours ago
    Has anyone tried getting in touch with Mr. Felbert (Movellas CEO) about this? I've been speculating as to why this has been happening but I don't want to jump to conclusions. Btw who even owns the server(s) to this website?
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    The servers Re based in Aarhus, Denmark. Last that was heard was that there may be a change at the top. The site was down for maintenance for a while today, maybe good news
    8 hours ago
    Perhaps the maintenance will do something to finally comb through the site and give it some much needed updates. We'll see.
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