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love one direction Percy Jackson 5sos and music

  • Lacy Styles 123
    Update plz it's really good I love it
    Little Miss Irwin (Ashton5SOS one-shot)
    Little Miss Irwin...
    When Sahra discovered she was pregnant she left her boyfriend/musician Ashton without telling him about the child so he could focus on his music career. After almost two years it's time to tell the truth.
    6 years ago
    This is a one shot, meaning it's meant to be like this. No updates. (: Sorry! Glad you love it though, thank you (:
  • Lacy Styles 123
    Name: lacy crystal jackson parent: Posesidon apperence: ginger hair blue eyes that change color in emotion a long sea foam green dress but turns into a shirt and leather leggings Attitude: gets anger but kind Percy Jackson's twin sister. Weapon: bow and arrows and sword riptide
    Camp Half-Blood (Your character version)
    Camp Half-Blood...
    This is a story that in which YOU have created the characters. To make one, follow these instructions: 1: Make a character and fill in these details about them (the ones filled in are my character): First...
  • Lacy Styles 123
    I support district 12 and the answer is every 25 years
    Catching Fire Quiz
    Catching Fire Quiz
    Are you the Hunger Games expert? Take this quiz! This is based on the second book in the trilogy!!! Please check out the first quiz!
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