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I was born in 1997 and raised in East Anglia, though have probably spent most of my life exploring other worlds. I am a fan of superheroes, fantasy universes and macabre realities, though have a soft spot for cooking and music. When not writing I'm either escaping into video games or working as a teaching assistant.
My top authors include Tolkien, George R.R Martin, Lovecraft, Raymond E. Feist and Andrzej Sapkowski amongst others, and I have self-published two books – ‘Sanguine Town: Under the Moon’ and ‘A Drop of Nightshade’ – with plans to publish more in future.

  • Kyle J Durrant

    mumbled "Doomprince"

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    There is a novel I have been writing for many years, always attempting to perfect but never being quite happy with. I recently restarted it for the third time, making this my fourth version in 6 years. As much as I adore this project I am growing very frustrated in the writing of it; lately I have considered that this is because I have not had people with whom to share it, and so my passion has sometimes wavered.
    I am not promising to share it here, but I am considering that, sometime soon, Doomprince may find life here.
    (A scary thought: it is my baby and the main piece of work I want to succeed with)
  • Kyle J Durrant

    mumbled "Lovecraft"

    Last night I started reading Lovecraft and, coupled with a very philosophical conversation I had, it has served to inspire me. What unusual things may spill out of my mind now I do not know, but I look forward to sharing them.
    And if you haven't read Lovecraft yet give it a go. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
  • Kyle J Durrant

    mumbled "Can't Keep Reading..."

    Do you ever come across a book that you just can't keep reading? That just feels so tedious that you get bored every time you turn a page?
    For me that book right now is Justin Somper's "Allies & Assassins: A Conspiracy of Princes". I'm not saying it's a bad book, but I'm struggling with it; I can't get into it and feel like I'm just reading it out of duty because it's on my reading list.
    What do I do? XD
    Finchy McFincherson
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    I have that all the time XD. I literally force myself to connect with a certain character so I'm always excited for the next mention of their name or their next action. XD Once it took me a whole year to complete this one book because I got so bored.
    Mister Tea
    2 years ago
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    If for whatever reason the book isn't grabbing me and making me want to read it I just stop and go read something else instead.

    I really do't see any point trying to force yourself to read a book that you just can't get into, even if it comes highly rated by other people or it is in your favourite genre.

    I say just give up it, it should never be a chore to read a book nor leave you with an oh well, I suppose I'll give it another go feeling before you pick it back up again.

    What I'm trying to say is; step away from that motherf***ing book right now.
    Kyle J Durrant
    2 years ago
    Haha, thanks guys. I've decided to read a different book XD I need to finish reading Anthony Ryan's "Raven's Shadow" series anyway
  • Kyle J Durrant

    mumbled "Come Find Me"

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    Hey guys. So I'm not using Movellas any more. It's not really right for me. Nothing anyone's done wrong, in fact I've met some amazing people on here, people I never really managed to stay in contact with. So to those who want to keep in touch come find me. You know my name :)
    Book Maker
    2 years ago
    Well okey then, also Welcome back to Movellas!
    The Intelligence Division
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    Duuude we miss youuu :(
    I could be all just 'you know where to find me too' but that seems rude somehow...
    That said i actually have no idea where to find you.
    Where are you?
    Yeah don't worry I'll figure it out ;)
    The Intelligence Division
    Just added you on messenger. I don't use the rest of facebook as part of a semi political boycott. Hear from you soon?
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