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Hi there.

I joined Movellas at 14 years old, in 2013. Initially, I simply enjoyed the company of words, finding happiness being with so many talented authors and learnt so many different writing styles. I started sharing my own writings- poetry and fiction alike, made wonderful budding writer friends and even won a competition.

In 2015, all the life troubles of being a 16 year old kicked in. Dwindling grades, family issues and friendship problems took the best out of me and I lost myself. From 2015 to 2018, i've been on hiatus, and multiple times I had considered deleting this account because, well, what was the point?

The one thing that always held me back was my passion for writing. And that is the one thing I never lost, the one thing that held me together, and the one thing that kept me sane, through the insane sh*t I went through.

I'm 20 now. I've met amazing people, and have lost amazing people. I was at war with myself, and now have found peace.

During these years, I spent a lot of time in corners of rooms, scribbling lines that popped into my head, slowly realising I was in love with poetry. I still dabble in fiction every now and then, but poetry comes naturally, and I finally decided to return to share that where I started out.

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    So a year since my last pop-up on this site, another poem has been published. This one is less poetic and more just real. I met someone and I lost someone. But there is no hatred, no blaming complex. I am hurt but I am not heartbroken. We all use writing to cope with something that has happened to us. and in my case, this is everything I felt from the moment I saw them, and I wish I got to tell them face to face but I didn't get that opportunity. Funnily enough, it is published as Chapter 21, which is one number greater than that of my age- perhaps this time next year I will look back on it and smile. Enjoy.
    For You
    For You
    This is a collection of poems i've been writing since the start of my hiatus. Some are sloppy, and some i'm incredibly proud of. These take me from heartbreak, suffering and rock bottom; to healing, brushing...
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    Huge congrats on winning, it's a beautiful poem ❤️
    For as long as I can remember, I have been profoundly deaf in my left ear. This is something that I sometimes struggle with on a day-to-day basis but, having known no different, isn't something that will...
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    Thank you so much! ❤️
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