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I love reading and writing and I'm obsessed with drawing
I am an artist you know..........it is my right to be odd
A wise old owl sat on an oak
The more she saw the less she spoke
The less she spoke the more she hear
I am this wise old bird

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    Person:are you ready for school..........like are you anxious so see your class mates and do more school work?

    Me in the outside: oh yeah I am....... Super happy yeah man can't wait ready to go back out to class man...... Yep*walks away*

    Me in the inside:oh my God why would you ask me that nooooooooo I didn't even wanna go there in the first place I hate this oh my God my class annoys the he'll outta me they get on my last little nerve like why I'm just tryna forget it like I'm only ready because I wanna do more school work but God it's so hard to do it man like why why why I hate this bye I'm done
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