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Keegzster's Sad Life Blog (jk!)

by , Wednesday September 28, 2016
Keegzster's Sad Life Blog (jk!)

My First Blog

From sixth grade, maybe even earlier, she knew she had a passion for writing. She's followed it up by writing stories, songs, poetry, and even vignettes. She doesn't ever plan to stop writing, and she wouldlove to make a job andlife pout of it. However, to her it's not plausible. Follow her throughout her journey.

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  • Keegzster

    mumbled "Three"

    4 years agoReply
    It was okay
    It was good
    Not much was wrong.

    She wanted nothing more than to be with her and talk to her
    Even if it was wrong.

    She saw him and felt a pain of guilt.
    She had feelings for him, and they'd been dating for three months.
    Three months.

    He wasn't good enough,
    but obviously nor was she.
    She'd never been taught to love
    Nothing was right.

    Why did she always have to start a fight?
    Why was no one there when the fight was with herself?

    In all honesty, shey didn't care.
    She always got choked up
    She made herself throw up.

    Night after night
    No one noticed her alarming drop in weight.
    No one noticed she wasn't his marshmallow anymore.

    Or maybe they didn't care.

    Three is an unlucky number.

    Three little words.
    Three little messages.
    Three little tears.
    Three little marks.
    Three little lies.

    Three times she almost did.
    Three times she did.

    One time her life went out the window.
    Three could have made the one done.
  • Keegzster

    mumbled "The Dark One(Also published on my Alligator Tongues book)"

    4 years agoReply
    His pale white lips
    Chapped as can be
    They kiss my finger tips
    And set me free

    Subsequently, the sky turns dark
    And starts to cry

    I ask him why
    But there’s no reply
    Her gone in an instant

    I’m left alone
    He vanished
    Only to bemoan

    I wish he wasn’t so
    Him, a beautiful being
    And I, an inchoate one.

    He spreads his sleek black wings and leaves forever
    but to the ground i’m tethered.
  • Keegzster
    4 years agoReply
    Being in the Band's Odd Like That
    Being in the Band'...
    Marching band is Kadence's life. The only downfall? Rocky Billings. But when Kadence breaks up with her abusive boyfriend, she finds herself oddly attracted (?!) to Rocky. Why? Well, because being in the...
    4 years ago
    Please update!!
  • Keegzster

    mumbled "Artificial"

    4 years agoReply
    Artificial people
    Artificial food
    Artificial friends
    that aren't any good.

    Artificial bodies
    Artificial tears
    Artificial words
    that just harm my ears.

    Your artificial dolls
    simply plastic at that
    create negative views on society
    and the results are drastic.

    Artificial people live in their artificial world
    and just the thought of their conformity makes me want to hurl.

    Pretty pretty girl
    in a shitty shitty world
    They blind her
    so she cannot see her beauty.

    Isn't that sad?
    That's why it drives me mad,
    that artificial girls
    make the sweet girls birl.
  • Keegzster

    mumbled "Pressure"

    4 years agoReply
    go on, go on
    just do it.
    No one else but you two will know.
    Do it.
    Just, do it.
    Make him happy, make them happy
    'I'm sorry.'
    'Idk, I just am..'

    I've been here a thousand times
    Always the same conversation.
    Not now.
    Then when?
    Don't you lead me on

    Are you mad at me?
    Hard to tell.
    You say your tired
    you give excuses
    whats the backbone meaning?

    Why do I suffer for what I believe in?
    Why cant I stand my ground without feeling guilty?
    Invisible Pressure.
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