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  • Mrs. Hood❤️😝🙈✌️

    mumbled "i'm back"

    Ok I am so sorry guys for being away for so long i will be updating a lot and coming out with a new book really soon, i love you guys so much.
  • Mrs. Hood❤️😝🙈✌️

    mumbled "Stories"

    Sorry guys that I havent been updating my books lately. I did update one of my books but I didnt do for the other. Ive been on this roleplay groupchat but yea im sorry guys and I will updating once every 2 days hopefully. I love you guys.
  • Mrs. Hood❤️😝🙈✌️

    mumbled "IM BACK!!!!!!!!"

    I am so sorry guys that I have been gone for the longest time and I left you guys with all of thoes cliff hangers But I am back now. The app was so shitty on my phone and I didnt know I could acsses it on my computer so I hope you guys are ready and thanks for staying strong!!! I love you guys