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I love Luke Hemmings and Niall Horan. Also Im a female Ninja. Moo Ha Ha.
Dont fricken hate on me or I will fricken flip on you. Do Not Hate. Just Appreciate.

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    Super Bass by Niki Manoj PLEASE
    Lyrics to your song!
    Lyrics to your son...
    You love a song? Wanna know the lyrics? You are in the right place! Just comment below and you will get the lyrics! Love annadimi123 ❤️
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    Love. Laugh. Lasts forever, and always.
    6 Word Stories.
    6 Word Stories.
    I have decided to write a six word story every so often. Hopefully they will improve with time. I may write notes on what inspired me or I may not; it all depends on my mood. I got the idea from Ernest...
    Nice story, and thanks for reading. You're too cheerful for me :)
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