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  • Not So Dorky Now
    Not So Dorky Now
    by K.C.
  • K.C.

    mumbled "Guys I need to rant."

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    So, the way my mother punishes me is by making me where a uniform to my PUBLIC school. Khakis, and a blue or white polo shirt. Yesterday I changed my pants and wore tights. My underwear lines were showing through my tights, so I took off my underwear. My overall appearance to someone who would have glanced at me would have been, "Oh she was wearing stretch pants and a sweatshirt." Before I went home I put back on my Khaki's over my tights. As I was walking to the front door, my mom goes, " Why does it look like you have something under your pants." So I told her what I did because she was going to make me strip regardless. The she started hitting me and I stood there and took it, hoping she would keep hitting me in my face so that way I could tell on of my teachers, but she caught on and started hitting me on my arms. Fast Forward. We are on our way too pick up my little siblings from elementary and as they get in the car, my mom says, "Okay guys, I just wanted to let you know that your sister is a hoe and all she's going to know how to do is shake her ass for a dollar. She's a slut and I hope she remembers me saying this when she gets knocked up by a random dude." Silence. We get home and my mom tells me to get all of my clothes from my room except for my uniform and put them into a trash bag. I do so. She comes to check my room to make sure I'm not hiding anything. Then she tells me to try on my sports bras and make sure they still fit. So I turn around and start to change and she's like, "No, turn toward me. You better get used to people seeing you naked, cuz that's your future." So, I change in front of her perverted ass. Point of the story, my mom isn't even my real mom: I'm adopted. I feel like I'm running out of options. I turn 18 in 2020,but I don't know what to do until then guys. Oh, and I have to wear my uniform until the end of the school year. I'd change my clothes, but I don't have anymore.
    1 years ago
    You need to tell someone. Where exactly are you?! PM me!!! I can try to help. Trust me, went through that too hun
  • K.C.

    mumbled "I came back to awesomeness."

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    So it's finals week.
    Therefore I have been studying in my free time.
    Today I log onto here and I' greeted with the family that you guys have provided for me over the week.

    I love you guys.
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