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I think what you'd want to know most is who I am as an author. Well, I dabble in poetry and prose, and my favourite writing setting is on the bus.
I know how it feels when someone likes, comments or favorites your story. The euphoria that comes when someone appreciates your work is mindblowing. So I'm interested in new authors and new works with that little something extra.
What kind of stories am I looking for? I'm a sucker for good cliche romances, but I like surprises and twists in the plot. Give me a protagonist I can feel strongly for and I'm hooked. I love stories linked to real life and certain anime and manga. And the language. The diction is important.
My comments are 100% genuine and sincere. If I don't like stories, they go back on the shelf.
People here have helped me grow so much, and I want to do the same!
Good luck on writing!

  • justnotforme
    So promising! I can't wait for the next chapter :) <3
    A Choice of Heartbreak
    A Choice of Heartb...
    Lily, a girl in her early twenties, brown flowing hair, and gleaming brown eyes, is divided between two men who express their love vividly for her. What will her decision be, and will this end in heartbreak?...
    4 years ago
    Thank you!
  • justnotforme
    I like it. But there's a bit too much dialogue, and that makes it a little draggy. Keep writing!
    One More Time, Please
    One More Time, Ple...
    ​​​​​​​Chapters: 9 Word Count: 7,327 Page Count: 20.3 Status: Completed Ayame Orishi is a student at Ouran Academy. Her mom just got remarried, her sister has been sent abroad and her step-father...
    4 years ago
    Thank you, I hope to have less dialogue in the future. It's just for the first few chapter with the project.
  • justnotforme
    The whimsical language is just beautiful. It's the kind of story you'd want to write when you're in what I call 'the great inner peace' when everything feels right. That is me whenever I'm on the bus on the way to school and I get inspired. I can feel the emotion from the character so strongly. Keep writing, don't give up!
    A Perfect Chance
    A Perfect Chance
    A dance of human emotion, playing off common writing styles and expressions to explore beauty in familiarity.
    4 years ago
    Thank you! You summed it up perfectly with "the great inner peace", something I felt like I was writing from with this fun little short. I would like to see what you write in your inner peace
  • justnotforme
    keep going!! It's an intriguing story already from the first chapter. Looking forward to seeing more works :)
    Poor To More
    Poor To More
    Nine year old Melanie, and her sister Emma who is seven, live with their poor, sick mother in a small abandoned shed. They struggled to survive before in the crazy days, but grew up to be wonderful women.
  • justnotforme
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    Wowow why is no one else liking this?
    Its a brilliant opening for a story, hope you'll update soon!
    The description is wonderful and that really helps in bringing out the character in the protagonists. A critique; its quite slow paced for now, maybe get more action in the next chapter ;)
    Where the Tide Takes Us
    Where the Tide Tak...
    Entry for the heroine-writing competition.
    4 years ago
    Oh my gosh thank you for such a lovely comment!!! <3 <3 I will certainly be having a good old tamper with the pacing when I edit, thank you for the feedback!
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