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Not much to tell really.. Picture Taylor Swift but Australian and a with slow metabolism and you get me.. I'm obsessed with British boys, which is why I'm single, I think. I may also be due to the fact that I'm a little bit weird, in a good way though..

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I apologise if I'm not updating some of my Movellas, I'm trying to write more chapters for all of them..

If you like or comment or favourite or become a fan of me, I love you all.. Trust me, your support does not go unappreciated..

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    mumbled "Hello my lovely loyal ladies (and gents [I was just trying to sound cool])"

    Thank y'all for being so patient.. I've been on a very tight schedule at the moment cause apparently spring is a time when everyone wants to do everything. I hope you all enjoy the newest chapter of unpredictable :) I'm also about to post a new fanfic and I hope y'all go and read it :) Thank you :) I love you xx
    7 years ago
    I do care :) I love all of you guys <3 If anyone wants to send me anything, my email is in my info :) xx
    7 years ago
    Hi I was wondering if u could write another untamed book?? PLEASE
    6 years ago
    Could you update unpredictable! I'm dying to know what happens next!
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    Oh my god :) Keep going :)
    The Walking Dead- One Direction
    The Walking Dead-...
    When all hell breaks lose the boys of One Direction find themselves faced with a life or death situation. Unarmed and on tour in America they have no choice but to get on the move looking for shelter....
    7 years ago
    awh thanks! haha i'm gonna update it soon
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    mumbled "Sickness has doomed Unpredictable"

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    Hahaha Hi guys.. If you didn't gather, I'm really sick which is why I haven't updated.. I've also started a new business and I'm trying to get my life in a particular order.. I have to write a little bit more before I post the next chapter but I will try and do it as soon as possible.. Thank you from the worst person in the world..
    7 years ago
    Aw love,you are NOT the worst person in the world and we understand,you're just very busy! (:
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    mumbled "New Covers!!!"

    Thank you to all the people that entered their covers.. I struggled to pick so much.. At the moment, I was drawn to these ones.. I don't know what it is about them.. I unfortunately don't know who entered them though, as it was done anonymously.. I didn't even know that that was possible until now.. I learn something new everyday.. If they aren't yours, don't be disheartened because I may swap and change them again soon.. I loved all of them that much, it took me two weeks to decide haha :) Thank you everyone :)
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