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Hi, thank you for clicking on my profile:) I'm Jayla.

Most Romantic Movella of the Year (2012)
Best Cover (2012)

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I update depending on the feedback I recieve. So if you want faster updates, Comment and Like! Ideas are encouraged and all are at the least, considered. I need to know what you guys want. I read all comments even if I don't reply.

Random Facts:

~I'm terrified of dolls.
~I can't watch horror movies.
~Purple is my colour.
~Archery is my game.
~Reading and writing is my passion.
~2012 being the end is a myth.
~Hearts are my symbol.
~I remember everything I read.
~I will only swim in an ocean.
~I am terrified of muskcrats, I kidd you not.
~I am a total bookworm, no suprise there.
~I had always wanted to be in acting.
~I have a scary, crazy obsession for The Hunger Games.
~Team Peeta
~Team Patch
~Team Jace
~Haters will hate and lovers will love.
~There are three sided to every story.
~I have an unhealthy craving for nutella all the time.
~I'm not a chatty person but I'll chat with anyone.
~I'm a single lady. If you like it then you should've put a ring on it.
~♫Remember all the sadness and frustration, and let it go♫
~I was born the day and year, Voldemort died. Figure out my age.
~I've been told to tell good advice but you tell me.
~Shane Dawson has talent and no one can say otherwise.