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I am a total nerd. Unlike 90 percent of Movellas, I want a button that blocks all One Direction Fandoms. I hate One Direction and Justin Beiber.
My fav things are Star Wars, Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, Batman (the Joker is my fav in that. Death to the Bat!) Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of The Carribean. I love, love, love to write. I have won the Young Southern Writers competition and have entered again this year. This is the best website ever.
I'm very passionate about writing. Give me any prompt in the world and I'll do it the best I can.
My newest fandom is PERCY JACKSON! I'm so into it! I finished the Last Olympian two months ago and after sobbing my freaking eyes out I decided to go down the wonderful path of PERCABETH! (Although until that unfortunate ending I shipped Annabeth with Luke...BUT NOW LUKEY IS ALL MINE HEHEHE!!!)
I am also engaged in the newest of my series-readings-the Mortal Instruments, City of Bones. Very amazing so far!

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    If you had wheels for legs it would be quite hard to get up when you've fallen. And you'd have to deal with making sure to put yourself in park when overlooking the Grand Canyon.
    Do you have any questions that you'd like answering? JUST ASK ME ANYTHING THAT IT IS POSSIBLE FOR ME TO ANSWER! Be random, be funny, be personal (if you want to be!) and just speak your mind. I love questions...

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    mumbled "Profile"

    I found this while on a Pjo board on Pintrest and I can't get over the awesomeness of this profile pic! Even though Thalia Grace isn't my favorite I still like it :)
    I still haven't read Heroes of Olympus. I ask to go to Booksamillion and my mom's just...."No, your brothers will want something too."
    So many people fangirling about Leo and I'm stuck not knowing who he is *humph*
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    This post was the day I learned who One Direction was. Never heard of them until I saw this. This is sad, and it makes me disappointed. While I may not be a Directioner (and of you read this you'll know why) I know lots of people look up to these boys and think they think you're beautiful, along with the rest of the world. Well, I beg to differ. If anyone asks why I'm not a Directioner, I will show them this post, and I hope you do the same.
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    Louis, you arse.
    6 years ago
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