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Sam Ames
-Graphic Artist
-Anime Artist
-Aspiring Actress
-Softball Catcher and Pitcher

Yeah, that's basically my life… just pretend that bio was cool and press the big green button! If ya do I'll press yours!
Before you ask, yes my profile pic is really me…
-Pretty much EVERYTHING Anime
-The Walking Dead
- Sherlock
- Hunger Games
- Immortal Intruments
- Twilight
- TOM CRUISE! (Yes it is now officially a fandom)

My BFF Ziall101 aka Cat!

~ Everyone should watch HunterxHunter!!!!!
"Stealing hearts since he was twelve years old..., no, literally."

Well I hope u enjoyed that, if not, no one cares. Fan me anyway, I will fan u back! I promise. Cross my heart, hope to die. See? Don't believe me still?? Oh well, u must have trust issues, not that I blame u but still I never, ever, ever break a promise! ❤️

SWMS Broncos!

Have a nice life... JK... Nice is just another word for boring, now go have the best craziest life imaginable!

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    I'm working my butt off on Kenway The Killer, an original movella by non other than meee! U guys should check it out!!! If I could describe it in one word it would be EPIC! It's dark, sad, happy, light, twisted, and so much more!
    The official first chapter is coming out September 1st. I hope y'all like it!!!
  • TheStoryTeller14
    Do u need to apply to enter the competition??
    The Ultimate Movellas Magazine
    The Ultimate Movel...
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    Nope :) Just let people nominate your movellas or you nominate movellas :) :) :) :D 8)
  • TheStoryTeller14
    It's daytime?
    Riddle Race
    Riddle Race
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