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Yeah I'm 16 and I love writing so I'm gonna shut up and do some writing :P
I'm hoping to go to an art's school in the summer, so fingers crossed!

EDIT: I didn't make it into that school. Oh well. Next year is still an option!

  • itssarahsilly

    mumbled "I think that over fall break I'll try to update my Marcel fanfic"

    if I don't have too much to do. I've come across quite a bit of homework since the school year started.
  • itssarahsilly

    mumbled "God I've completely written out this chapter"

    and it's so LONG OMG. It'll take me a bit to type it up, because I'm lazy and like to watch TV lol
    Letizia Cambell
    7 years ago
    Heyyy, how are you?? Could you, please, read my movella?
    Only Hope In Holmes Chapel, England, Isabella Cooper is the delegate's daughter, she is a girl who have great ambitions and lives her simple life with her parents....
    :D xx
  • itssarahsilly

    mumbled "I'm not gonna get notifications unless I update, will I?"

    ugh that means work, doesn't it? lol. I'll most likely update tomorrow. The writing isn't the problem. I'm not blocked or anything. I just hate typing with a passion.
  • itssarahsilly

    mumbled "Jeopardy!"

    I know this is for stories and stuff but THIS IS RIDICULOUS
    they made a kid CRY
    for misspelling "emancipation"
    /end rant
  • itssarahsilly

    mumbled "I really don't hate Liam!"

    I promise. While he is adorable in every way, like they all are, they don't all have to be together. Maybe Liam was out with someone else. But just because Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn are together, doesn't mean Liam needs to be there too.

    (in my fanfic, someone asked where Liam was....idk. He's somewhere, and it shouldn't be something you stress about).
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