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Vas' happening?! I'm Chloe ∞
So basically, I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with One Direction and I'm not afraid to tell the world x

I love all of the boys equally but if I HAD to pick I'd say either Hazza or Lou <3

Everybody says I'm really weird and not gonna lie... I'm crazy >:) ✞

☊ I would die without my music. ☊ ♡

I'll fan whoever fans me xx
(\ /)
( . .)
ohsohoran is perf! ilyx

If you're one of my amazayn pandicorns, feel free to put this icon in your bio-

☯ ✌ ☮

I've heard that everyone needs a good ol' quote... so, here you go :)
"Sometimes you need to forgot what you want, and remember what you deserve"

What? You wanna know more about me? Well... let's hit you with a few facts...
- I'm a born and raised Aussie... accent included
- If you feed me... I love you <3
- I pretty much hate school... I only go for my friends :P
- I've always had a passion for writing/reading... therefore, I am here :)
- I love Jake <3 Mwah :*

Wanna stalk me?!
Here yah go, you little psycopaths...
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Well, that's all for now...
Stay beautiful!

P.S- ~The Styles Triplets~
© Copyright|Don't steal my idea!

Thanks... :)


  • It'sgottabeLou
    This made me laugh so hard.
    Especially the last chapter xD
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  • It'sgottabeLou
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    I really love this story! It is an amazing novel and I am desperatley looking foward to the up-coming chapters. You're a very talented writer and thank you very much for fanning me! <3
    Confessions of a High School Supermodel
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    Aww, of course! Thank YOU for putting my story on your Best Movellas I've Read list! :)
  • It'sgottabeLou

    mumbled "Dear People-Who-Request-Me-As-A-Co-Author,"

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    Thankyou to all the lovely people who request me to assist them with their writing and become a co-author on their amazing stories. As you've probably noticed though, I haven't been accepting many (Only one so far). This is not because I am not intrigued by your idea and would love to help out. I'm just very busy with my own stories at the moment :) I wish you the best of luck with the stories and perhaps in the future (when I get my stories under control) I can help out :)

    Thanks again ,
    It'sgottabeLou xx
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