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"Assumptions are dangerous things to make. Like all dangerous things to make - bombs, for example, or strawberry shortcake - even the tinsiest mistake can end up in terrible trouble."
-Lemony Snicket

Hi. I'll give you a very brief summary of my life:
-A bookworm
-A Potterhead: Ravenclaw, 3rd Year.
-An initiate: Currently Erudite.
-A Tribute: Haven't actually chosen a district yet... mph.
-A musical OBSESSIVE: Cats, Barnum, Wicked, Little Shop, Starlight, Matilda, among others.
-I draw Quintin Blake pictures. I have about 10 at the moment, but neglected to post them. They're all his Matilda illustrations.
-A self-afflicted failure: I restrict myself from my own dreams by not quite doing what I'm truly after.
-A Wonderlander: I'm the mad hatter in disguise. Shh!
-I occasionally get despressed. Again, all my fault.
-Sherlockian. BENEDICT.

Feel free to post on a mumble of mine for a chat :)

  • ImogenOliviaPearl
    That is so ridiculously sad and accurate and beautiful and PERFECT! Reminded me just how much I love Doctor Who...
    Would you mind check out one or two of my novellas? :) x
    The Doctor's Companion
    The Doctor's Compa...
    This is a poem about something that always inspires and entrances me whenever I think of it or see it. Doctor Who has introduced me to so many things, and has definitely made me rethink about my view of...
    Pamela W
    7 years ago
    Thanks so much! For sure :)
  • ImogenOliviaPearl
    This is great! I could easily be one of the plots for the TV series :) xx
    The Last Case {Sherlock}
    The Last Case {She...
    Sherlock has had enough. Despite his success in life, he just can't take it anymore. The cases are getting easy, boring and he retires. But when Mrs Hudson's teenage granddaughter comes to stay, what could...
    7 years ago
    Thank you so much!
  • ImogenOliviaPearl
    I don't think that, because it features a detective, this falls into Sherlock fanfics...
    the disappearance of louis tomlinson(not famous)
    the disappearance...
    what happens when Louis Tomlinson goes missing and famous detective Liam Payne is the only one that can find him. how many dangers will follow detective Payne as he tries to find the missing boy and how...
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