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I'm girl who loves to read and write! Follow me on wattpad @DirectionerGirl1993 :) xo I love my fans (followers) you guys are my babies ^.^ also I made a website c: http://directionergirl1993ilybabe1993.weebly.com

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    If you have any questions comment below and I will answer some questions ^~^ and also comment which fanfic I should update in order though because it's summer!...so I have more time
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    Hey! My name is Maria. I like reading fanfictions (also just books) and writing them too. Follow me on wattpad @ Directioner1993 and if you have any questions just ask. :) xo and I won't update that often sorry if I forgot to update stories and if you want me to update a specific story then just ask. I'm a normal person like anyone else so if you have questions....I could answer I will anser them but not all of them. This is also me in the picture. Sorry...I'm not as pretty as other girls but I was meant to be real not perfect so....yeah. Byee for now!!! ^.^ xo :)
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    You're so pretty!!
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