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i just found this account from when i was 8 and what the fuck was i thinking

  • holyseungkwan
    Guys im sorry im not updating cuz I feel like no one is really looking for anymore chapters in this book. I will post chapters for those who are looking for more but not very much. hopefuly the co authors can update some too
    Murdering One Direction
    Murdering One Dire...
    Zayn Malik"s Unknown Sister Kerry Malik Is Out To Murder The Entire One Direction Fanbase But That's Not The Only Thing She Is Out To Murder. Will She Murder Zayn And The Rest Of The Boys Or Is It Just...
    6 years ago
    I was looking forward to more
  • holyseungkwan
    I Like it!
    Our Moment
    Our Moment
    Niall never thought that going to the same beach that he and the boys always went to, would help him find his Princess. Will it work out? Will the boys approve of her? Will she feel the same way?
  • holyseungkwan
    Hi My Name's Haley. I Like Louis. I Have Light Brown Hair And It A Little Past My Shoulder. I Have Hazel Eyes, But For Some Odd Reason That I Can't Explain They Change To Emerald Green. I Have Light Skin And A Lot Of Freckles.I Am Very Weird But If I Don't Know You I Won't Talk At All. I Know How To Play The Flute And A Little Piano. Sorry It's Not Much But Eh So What!
    Room 287
    Room 287
    Niall has to get surgery on his knee, and Olivia is his surgeon. She knows it's wrong but their love is so right.
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