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Well, just another Potterhead here! As if that isn't obvious by my stories, name, or profile picture. I'm a Ravenclaw with an Ash wand and Unicorn hair core according to Pottermore. The internet says the character I'm most like is Harry.
Least Favorite Character: Delores Umbridge.
Small Character I Want to Know More About: Merope Gaunt
I Ship: Hinny, Jily, All Originals, Neville/Luna, Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victorie
I Don't Ship: Harmony, anything illegal (Such as Lunamort or Ginny/Fred or Snape/Hermione) Teddy/Rose, Lily Luna/Scorpius, Harry/Luna, Drarry, Dramione, Snily.

  • HermioneJean
    Loved the song. Do Pygmy puffs exist in this universe?
    Sparks of the Tempest
    Sparks of the Temp...
    Sequel to Child of Innocence. With Harry's fifth year comes the return of Voldemort: ominous news for both Harry and Severus. Coupled with the oppression of the Ministry of Magic, Harry's fifth year is...
    6 years ago
    Pygmy puffs exist in every universe :D
    6 years ago
  • HermioneJean
    So, any idea about what to do with a shy nerdy blonde guy who is friends with: Your best friend's crush, a guy who hates your best friend, and your best friend's brother, doesn't understand half of what comes out of his own mouth, and is more clueless about girls than any girl or guy you have ever met is? (He said Harry Potter, it wasn't a choice)
    I'm A Girl
    I'm A Girl
    *Cover by Leuconoe Arethusa* Just advice for all girls!
     River_Summers ☕️
    Kill them all, let God sort it out.
    7 years ago
    River.... I'm pretty sure she was SIRIUS...
     River_Summers ☕️
    Oh, I know. So was I.

    (SIRIUS. Good one.)
  • HermioneJean
    Full Name: Haley Grace Brewer
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Female. Dark skin (Hawaiian), dark brown eyes and hair. Larger torso with shorter legs, yet still tall for her age. Clear skin (No ache), wild hair (Think 11 year old Hermione Granger), dark pastel pink lips.
    District: 2
    Weapon of Choice: Knives, and lots of them, as useful to her as arrows to Katniss
    Role: Tribute, originally picked (Not a volunteer, surprisingly)
    Personality: Strong, intelligent, slightly uncareerish, doesn't choose all alliances because of brute force, but rather those with experience, for instance, someone who has worked with agriculture in order to find edible plants in the obviously harsh environment. Increased hearing and detail oriented eyes, due to repetitively playing a variation of a spy game as a child.
    District Token: Time turner (Obviously not working, she is intelligent enough to bend the rules rather than break them)
    Background: Always stronger than most, and slightly intimidating. Always working towards the games but doesn't have the guts to volunteer in place of those who have also worked for them. Both parents, one sister, one cat. Neither rich nor poor, and always received proper rations of food. If had not been picked, would have liked to become a peacekeeper. Not a rule breaker, a rule bender, easily learning yet rarely working for it (Basically my character doesn't like homework or classwork.)
    A Real Life Hunger Games
    A Real Life Hunger...
    Ever wanted to be IN The Hunger Games as a tribute, mentor, or even a stylist? Well now you can(ish! ) Just comment the stuff in the first chapter and you will be entered! It's first come, first serve,...
    7 years ago
    I'm also happy with district thirteen
  • HermioneJean
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    Chapter 394 you say?
    Switched. - a potter fiction
    Switched. - a pott...
    Dramione. Set in post deathly hallows... A backfire in the duel between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter causes them to switch places... so Draco gets to taste harry's life - what it is to be the boy who...
  • HermioneJean
    That's funny, I'm going to be out of town this weekend too. I'm going to Panama City for my sister's cheerleading competition. I wouldn't really get to check much anyways, so I'm going to be a bit too occupied to be sad if a chapter doesn't come out this weekend, take as much time as you need, but I am expecting something by next Friday!
    Child of Innocence
    Child of Innocence
    Sequel to A Travesty; In his fourth year, Harry is unwittingly entered into the Triwizard Tournament. Forced to compete, Harry must find his way at Durmstrang while trying to avoid the dark influences...
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