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I'm tall, white, brown hair, browns eyes, love 5sos. Ig that's all oh and luv hanging out with my friends. Luv you all!!! Like my movellas and fan me byeeee !!!!

  • heavenluvsLuke
    Update please i love this so much
    Problem // luke hemmings
    Problem // luke...
    Gemma Irwin, Ashton Irwin's younger sister yet nobody knows she exists. What happens when 18 year old Gemma meets the boys of 5 Seconds Of Summer and tours with them? She soon realizes they're all extremely...
  • heavenluvsLuke
    Please update I really love this its really cool
    Polaroids (M.G.C)
    Polaroids (M.G.C)
    Meet Arden Hale, An Ordinary 19 year old girl, who carries around a polaroid camera in her backpack wherever she goes and who's also going on a world tour with her uncle and his clients. Her uncle...
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