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NEW PROFILE IS "Mywritingaddiction14"
REWRITE OF "1D Save Me" IS NAMED "THE Midnight Watchers"

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    The Midnight WatchersSisters London, Lindsey, and Lex haven't always had it easy but when Lex gathers enough money to get backstage passes to their favorite band The Midnight...
    1D save me ~Completed~
    1D save me ~Comple...
    Hayley and her two sisters, Hannah and phoebe get a once in a life time opportunity when hayley wins three backstage passes for a one direction concert. After they meet one direction they are asked to...
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    mumbled "new profile"

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to tell you guys I made a new profile on here so if you want you can go and follow me it's mywritingaddiction14 and I'm going to be rewriting my old fanfics into non fanfic stories so that's exciting. I'm probably only going to do one at a time so when I start on a new one I'll post a chapter to its fanfic telling you guys the tittle. I'm going to start with my first story '1D save me' I'll be posting the first chapter later today so go on to my new profile and follow me for that! Love you guys!!!
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    mumbled "YouTube Videos!! XP"

    Alright so I think I'm going to do YouTube videos on some questions you guys ask or book reviews for books on here! Also it would give almost a face to my writing as well I think...and you guys will see I'm not as sophisticated nor as smart as I may sound sometimes.....that sounded conceited....anyway! I think that's what I'll do YouTube videos on so comment below some questions or some things you wanna know about me and I'll start that...probably next week... :)

    Love you to the moon and back <3
    - Hayley Renee Bell
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    mumbled "Daily Question Number One! "

    What is your favorite band/bands?

    Mine are...(in no particular order)
    Hollywood undead
    Black veil brides
    Breaking Benjamin
    Three days Grace
    Blood on the dance floor
    Asking Alexandra
    All American rejects
    Of mice and men
    Sleeping with sirens
    I think That's all....

    Comment below your favorite band/bands this question will also be on my Twitter. Another off topic question does anyone know how to make a public Facebook page? Like the ones some people have for...one direction or things like that. I honestly have no clue but if you know pretty please comment and tell me :)

    Love you to the moon and back <3
    -Hayley Renee Bell
    7 years ago
    out of those I like : BVB, Blood on the dance floor, and sleeping with sirens. I also like pierce the veil.
    7 years ago
    I've never heard anything (that I know of) by pierce the veil but some of my friends have said their really good.
    7 years ago
    Panic! At The Disco, omg. <33333
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    mumbled "Talk Time XD "

    Alright so I know I haven't been on in a REALLY long time, and I think you guys deserve to know why, so let's all just gather around *makes awkward circle with hands* and we'll chat.
    1. The reason I haven't been on a lot is because I have school, a TON of homework, just school in general, and I've been attempting writing a book to sell in stores and such. Now I Know a lot of you do this and maybe other things two and I might get some...interesting...comments but you know I don't actually mind, just means you took valuable time from your day to comment on my mumble :).
    2. So I don't like one direction anymore. Yeah, you read that right. I don't know why or how or who or what I was just listening to them one day and I wad like, "their not as amazing as I thought they were..." then I looked at some pictures and, "not as pretty either...". Now this is just my opinion on them it doesn't mean I hate them it just means I have new, Different preferences in music. Don't be mean to me and my bands and I won't be mean to you and your bands. Simple? I think so. :)
    3. I was thinking about doing YouTube videos but I don't really know what of yet, I was going to do them about like school and people/teachers at school but I'm only in eight grade and I don't really want all my teachers to hate me...
    4. REYCH I HAVE A PICTURE OF ME....FOR....YOU....This is coming out wrong...ANYWAY I just need to figure out how to get it on my instagram! :P
    5. I may or may not finish all my one direction fanfics...I mean I'm going to finish mine and reychs but if I'm helping you write your story...I..guess..and you wanna take me off that's okay I seriously will not hate you I completely understand, just pretty please don't be mean about it. But I will continue my more popular ones.
    6. I just wanted to say, I'm not going to unfan anyone who writes 1D story's because I actually enjoy reading these story's I just don't prefer the band..
    7. I...don't think I have a seven...WAIT YES I DO! Okay so I'm going to try to be more active on my accounts for Twitter, I might make a Facebook page for me, maybe some of my friends, and maybe even some of you guys! To run and just put some random stuff on there, and on here so I'll be posting 'Questions of the day' or days however you wanna put that. I really hope you guys will comment and tweet me on those because I still love you guys!!
    8. I actually think I'm done now...so...bye!!!

    Love you to the moon and back
    -Hayley Renee Bell
    I knew that .
    7 years ago
    Haha I'm actually going to out the list of bands I like on my profile 'about me' thingy and also on my first question of the day!! :)
    7 years ago
    Omg can't believe I just read this but wow!
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