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My name is Lily, but my friends call me Goldilocks due to my hair!
I love...
The colour orange
Cross Country
Harry Potter
Les Miserables
Beautiful Creatures
The Hunger Games
Jane Austen
Jane Eyre
Cecelia Ahern
Jk Rowling
The Middle
Modern Family
The Phantom Of The Opera
Divergent (like I seriously LOVE it!)
ItsWayPastMyBedtime or Carrie Hope Fletcher (YouTube)
My Friends!!!
And of course Movellas

I am...
- Divergent with Dauntless, Amity and Candor
- Ravenclaw
- District 4
- Goddess Athena
- God Apollo
- Team Edward
- Team Gale
- Team Eponine! (Les Miserables)

If I was...
An Animal - Prairie Dog (apparently?)
A Colour - Green
A Food - Banana
A Character - Lucy from Narnia
A Book - Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson
A Film - Ballet Shoes
A Song - The Show by Lenka
p.s. Check out HermioneKatnissTris (fellow movellian) She's super nice and cool! As well has some great movellas - especially fanfics!

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    I have exams coming up guys so I doubt I'll be on a lot as I really want to pass them!!! This is aimed at coauthors specifically, but yeah :) See you in a few weeks!
    Planet Shay
    6 years ago
    I know this is super late, but I know you'll do very well!!! I just did mine. :)
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    It's absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed reading it - well done, you deserved to win :)
    The Swinging Lullaby
    The Swinging Lulla...
    **Gold in the Who Framed Klaris Cliff? writing competition** A mother sits with her new born baby on an old garden swing. As she sings a familiar, soothing lullaby, she has an encounter with her deceased...
    Nina :)
    7 years ago
    Thanks! :D
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    Name: Keira Darlington
    Age: 25
    Appearence: Long black hair and fringe, Deep sea blue eyes, Tall, Very pale skin.
    District: 13
    Role: Mentor
    Personality: Helpful, Smart, Can get quite hot tempered, Honest (sometimes overly).
    Background: Won the games at 15 after volunteering - Trapped the other districts then stabbed them to death. She is passionate about the show and loves the time of year when it's on, even when she had to watch her older sister die. Keira's secretly married to the man who mentored her on the show, who's called Jayms, and four years older than her.
    A Real Life Hunger Games
    A Real Life Hunger...
    Ever wanted to be IN The Hunger Games as a tribute, mentor, or even a stylist? Well now you can(ish! ) Just comment the stuff in the first chapter and you will be entered! It's first come, first serve,...
    7 years ago
    It's a beautiful name :)
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