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Hi, I'm Rachel, I love many books including, Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games and those are just to name a few. I first realised I loved writing when I was 7, because the teacher gave me a gold star for my story about a horse who ran away to join a group of unicorns who lived in sky. Hopefully you tell my writing has got better as I grew up (and hopefully the ideas to) I have always quite liked fantasy and things involving the supernatural. Sometimes I opt for a book that has more action, but mostly your average teenage girl book (eg: Twilight, Vampire Diaries etc...)
Hope you like my Movellas and please leave a comment. I accept constructive criticism!!
Now I leave with this owl and an inspirational quote:
'Imagination is more important than knowledge.' - Einstein


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    Okay this better than an expected (thats a compliment) because I have never read a 1D fanfic before. The only real improvements to make is some minor spelling mistakes eg: In the party you put ' i went everyone on the dance floor...' I should be want. Don't take it the wrong way though, I'm NOT saying your story's crap!! I like it!! I think its always good to get critisim(funny how i complain about spelling when I cant spell my self) so your story can be the best!! x
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    Really great! Love this so far.. well done both of you x
    When two Movellians receive prophetic dreams about the future of their writing community, they are plunged into a dangerous adventure in the middle of the spookiest, most superstitious day of the year:...
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    Is there still a spot for heartless, i'd be interested in that one x
    Co-authors needed.
    Co-authors needed.
    Co-author needed. Ever felt like co authoring or need a co-author? Comment below to help find someone to co-author with etc.
    8 years ago
    Yes there is :), I'll invited you to that.
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