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My profile image is an awkward pic I took of Danny when I saw The Script perform live. Look at his face on the big screen in the background ;)

Aspiring author and professional perfectionist, if you see me rocking in a dark corner and foaming at the mouth you know I am battling the urge to correct your grammar. I cannot leave the house unless I’ve curled my hair and have burnt my ears several times with the curling wand, I have severely crippled emotions due to a mass cascade of feels, and my confidence is built upon the perception others have of me. Also, apt is very apt word, isn’t it? I can’t get enough of apt.

[I can’t believe I can do this, but…] Competition Places:
*Bronze in the ‘Come branch with us’ comp*
*Getting my poem published as a result of ‘The Second Poetry Competition’*

Music [particularly The Script, whose existence was made the main reason for mine when I saw them live at Bridlington Spa 12/07/13], writing and reading are my ways of escaping the mundane and inevitable realities of life. Where writing is concerned, you know this already; otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site.

Favourite books [excluding the obvious like HP and THG…]: New Girl by Paige Harbison [an eerie modern day retelling of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier], Murder on the Home Front by Molly Lefebure [the gory memoirs of a coroner’s secretary during the1940s London blitz], The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky [really depressing but still captivating] and [don’t hate, but…] Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer [this is no joke – it’s a real insight into a stalker’s mind, and it’s a fascinating read, although probably for all of the wrong reasons].

Favourite TV shows: The Vampire Diaries [team Delena if you’re interested], Doctor Who [‘nuff said], Being Human [*cries internally*], Elementary [I can correctly predict the culprit every time but it's still epic] and The Big Bang Theory [my friends call me Sheldon, go figure].

Well then – that escalated quickly. If you’ve read this far, feel free to read the pieces I have posted and like/favourite/fan if you think I am worthy! Thanks!

  • Genny Lawrence
    Aww... this is a really cute concept. And it's also true as humans are actually stronger after a fall; when we break a bone it grows back thicker, less liable to another fracture [or so I've heard].
    Hate to ask like this, but could you check out my design? I'd really appreciate your feedback:
    Design a Tee: Self-beliefThis is my entry for the Jamal Edwards Design a Tee Contest [duh].
    Tshirt design
    Tshirt design
    T-shirt says: There is a beauty in the human race... Every fall makes us stronger meaning is that you should embrace your falls and believe that it will make you stronger and more prepared for the...
  • Genny Lawrence

    mumbled "Latest Comp Entries"

    I've entered two competitions in the past week [the 24 hour Mortal Instruments comp and the Jamal Edwards Design a Tee Contest] and I would really appreciate some feedback:
    It's Raining PeopleLast minute comp entry. Again.

    Design a Tee: Self-beliefThis is my entry for the Jamal Edwards Design a Tee Contest [duh].

    [I hope the links work.]
    I'll read and give my own feedback for your entries in return if you want. I never know how to end these things so... yeah, keep breathing and stuff. Breathing is helpful [unless you're underwater, in which case... just don't].
  • Genny Lawrence
    This is stunning and cleverly done. I love how Rose and your main character are caught up in fandoms and Tumblr, because people who are depressed seem to take refuge on the internet and amid fantasies which make this just that little bit more believable along with the references to their favourite shows, food, films etc. I could continue to compliment this story and the way in which you portrayed the powerful message behind your writing, but I do have to point out that I think you made a typo in the list numbers, as you start at number 1) in chapter two and get up to 10), but in chapter four you start from 1) again, which I don’t think you were supposed to do as you pick up at 21) in the next chapter. Aside from this major typo there are also little ones, such as in the fourth paragraph in chapter 4 you wrote can;t instead of can’t [I presume this is what you meant], and a few times you wrote numbers instead of words, such as 3 instead of three. Overall, awesome interpretation of the song [and the video I think] and the A/N at the end was really inspiring. Thanks for writing.
    How to save a life - 50 reasons to live.
    How to save a life...
    My entry for the 'Inspired by a Song' competition. Could be triggering, so beware.
    7 years ago
    Thank you!
    And indeed I did make some rather appalling typos, thank you for pointing them out! I've just corrected them and I've now learnt that writing at midnight is not a good idea.
    Thank you for your comment and help :)
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