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I am Gavlar O'Starfire, a person who writes stuff, and may or may not be a plant from another dimension.

~favorite quote~
"We don't destroy. All things eventually become dust. We just speed up the process" - Charr le Al

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    This is so perfectly accurate. Nice writing
    Five Hundred Eighty-Seven to Go
    Five Hundred Eight...
    I have been seeing stories for over 50 years about computers trying to take over the world, or destroy mankind, and I always wondered....WHY? I mean if I was a highly advance AI unit, would I want to tale...
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    To anyone who actually reads my stories (not many of you), sorry for being off Movellas for so long. I should be back and posting more stuff now, such as new chapters for No Survivors, and another little project I've been working on (no spoilers, you will have to wait :P)

    Oh, yeah, and it's a little late to say Merry Christmas, but I'll say it anyway
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    Christmas is that time of year we celebrate the birth of one child at the expense of annoying a king who ordered all the other first born children put to death. Happy Yuletide, everyone :P
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    noun: Yule

    archaic term for Christmas.

    Yule or Yuletide ("Yule time") is a festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples, later undergoing Christianised reformulation resulting in the now better-known Christmastide. The earliest references to Yule are by way of indigenous Germanic month names Ærra Jéola (Before Yule) or Jiuli and Æftera Jéola (After Yule). Scholars have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Modranicht.

    Urban Dictionary:
    Yule, A pagan festival also called the Winter Solstice, celebrates the rebirth of the Sun, the Sun God and honors the Horned God. On Yule we experience the longest night of the year. Although much of the winter's harshest weather is still ahead of us, we celebrate the coming light, and thank the Gods for seeing us through the longest night. It is a time to look on the past year's achievements and to celebrate with family and friends. From this day until Midsummer, the days grow longer, everyday banishing the darkness a little more in a glow of the warm sunlight that brings the world to life again. This day is the official first day of winter. This holiday will fall somewhere between the dates above and varies from year to year depending on when the Sun reaches the southern most point in its yearly trek.

    damn near impossible to find decent yule cards that dont say "merry christmas" inside
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    Because those are the only three places you ever need to consult if you need to find out about something
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    Della sells her hair for a watch chain for Jim. Jim sells his watch for a comb for Della. They didn't get an external 3rd party (e.g. grandparents) to verify that their presents wouldn't clash, and so Della and Jim both get useless presents. Still, at least it shows they love each other :)
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