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Hey you lovely bookworms

I am a young, pansexual woman, who is obsessed with boyxboy. It's basically the only thing I read, and write about.

I have a not so good past, which is the reason for some of my books and upcoming books.

If you have any problem with the lgbt community, suicide people, the reason adults or teenagers like anime(which I do) and what other people thing, then fight me.

Other peoples opinion is other peoples opinion, not yours.

I would be honored to if you want me to read and/or edit your books. I have never done a role-play, but is up for the challenge. If there is anything you want me to write about, send me a message, and then we can talk about it.

I love you all, even though I don't know you.


  • Freja Bred Lynggaard

    mumbled "Sorry..."

    I know I have promsied some of you to update, and I haven't. I am sorry for that. I am bad at updateing fast, but if it can help, I am almost done with chapter 14, sooooo. If you still want to read my books, then just hang on a little longer. Sorry...
    Freja Bred Lynggaard
    Oh, forgot. I was talking about Rules for life with an alpha. Almost done with chapter 14.
  • Freja Bred Lynggaard

    mumbled "Sorry guys"

    I am so sorry guys. You know my book: One Wrong Choice. Well, I don't think I will be writing more chapter to that. Even though, it is the one I have had most succes with, I think it is trash. I don't like it, and I ahve a hard time finding inspirations for it. I don't even know, if I want to delete it or keep it for you to read the chapter there are. I guess it is for you to decide.
  • Freja Bred Lynggaard

    mumbled "I am now on wattpat"

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to tell you, that I am now on wattpat too. If you are more comfortable on there, you can now read One Wrong Choice on there too. For now, it is the only book I am moving over there.

    Have a nice day. :-)
    Freja Bred Lynggaard
    I forgot to tell you. If you are interested in reading my books on wattpat, then my name is the same as here.
  • Freja Bred Lynggaard

    mumbled "I need your help! "

    I am writing a book, and I don't know who I shall make uke or seme. One of them is Michael, he is the oldest and tallest of the two, but he don't know he is gay. He is also the main character. Then there is Jaiden. He knows he is gay. He is a littel shy, but learns to open up to Michael. He is 19 while Michael is 21. I have a plan on making him the one to not wanna lose Michael, and I have a good reason for that. But what do you think? Who shall I make uke, and who shall I make seme?
    Music Saved Me
    4 years ago
    Usually the uke is the one who is younger and less experienced (although your character Michael is the oldest) and since Jaiden knows he is gay I'd probably make him the seme.
    Jaiden - Seme
    Michael - Uke
    But that's just what I think XD It's your decision.
    Freja Bred Lynggaard
    Thank you a lot. I wil definitely consider it. Thank you again.
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