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    I'm incredibly surprised at all of the support I've been receiving in the past few days!
    Travelling Tales has officially reached over 200 views, and welcome to all of my new followers so far.
    I'm in the middle of a new chapter, feeling a bit burnt out and unmotivated but hopefully I'll be able to produce something soon. I'm in the second last week of my midyear break from university, so perhaps I'm just warming myself up for the new semester ahead. Will keep you posted! And thanks again~!
    Rain :)
    2 months ago
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    Hey everyone! If you have time, please consider checking out Fantasy Short Stories Book 3, available here amzn.to/2LCTIps (Online) & here amzn.to/2G02TfY (Paperback). I wrote Mutual Animosity, part of which you can read in the free preview! #fantasy #reading #books #magic #wolves #paperback #firsttimepublished!

    As for Travelling Tales, I'll get to it during the week. I had to write my entry for this Anthology and deal with other things in my life, but more of it should be coming soon, don't you fret! Thank you for checking it out, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!
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    It's only been 5 days and the story has achieved 152 views! Wow~!
    I really can't believe it. On other websites, it's struggled to even get to 176 after a few months, but it's been amazing here. I'll do my best to keep updating, everyone, and I hope you all continue to enjoy it!
    I'll be taking a break this weekend, I've been working on a big project this week, and I'll be unveiling it soon~ ;)
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    Hello to all of my new followers, and thank you to everyone who checked out Travelling Tales. I was pretty stunned to come back here and find its view count had jumped! I haven't updated the story on other sites due to some complications - I've actually been re-writing it, but Movella is a fresh start, new chapters only, none of the old ones. I can upload the next chapter here since it's completely new.

    Enjoy, everybody!!
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