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  • flowercrown-fandom
    Wow, really good! :D
    Wolf Boy & Me
    Wolf Boy & Me
    The boy that climbs through your bedroom window has a connection with the new boy that turns up at your school in the middle of the year, who has a connection with the wolf sightings that have been seen...
  • flowercrown-fandom
    Cute story! The only suggestion I have is to not be so descriptive. Its nice that you get the details across, but there comes a point when we don't need to know EXACTLY how your hair, makeup, clothes, etc, look. Too much detail can make it a little too much to handle. Our brains like to imagine things in different ways, so we need to allow room for that. But other than that, great story! :D
    two boys one girl
    two boys one girl
    taaleasha is a average 15 year old girl who has long brown hair with blonde streaks and red tinges she is a fairly popular girl but what happens when she has to choose out of her best friend and her crush.
    Nialls babe
    7 years ago
    thanx for the constructive criticism im sorry about all descriptions i kind of had a writers block :)
    would u like a part in the story
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